IG II(2) 558: Honors for Oxythemis of Larissa

The following translation was made by Stephanie Yoon as part of an ancient Greek course at The Lawrenceville School in 2019. It was reviewed by Krateros Project Manager Aaron Hershkowitz and Krateros Project Director Angelos Chaniotis.

With good fortune, may it be resolved by the people on one hand to praise Oxythemis, son of Hippostratos from Larissa, on account of his virtue to the kings and the people of Athens, and to crown him with a gold crown in accordance with the law; on the other hand, in order that he might be regarded as an object of contention for everyone to compete unhesitatingly both for the good intentions of the kings and for the freedom of the Greeks, those showing their goodwill regarding the affairs being honored by the people according to their merit, (may it be resolved that) Oxythemis son of Hippostratos should be an Athenian citizen himself as well as his descendants and it should be permitted to him to be enrolled in the phyle and deme and phratry, whichever he may want according to the law, and that the presidents, the ones presiding over the upcoming presidency, give the vote concerning him to the people in the first assembly. And the secretary serving in the presidency is to write up this decree on a stone stele and to set (it) up on the Acropolis, and the treasurer of the people is to give 30 drachmas for the writing on the stele from the public treasury, so that being honored by the people he also does for the horsemen whatever he thinks contributes to their rescue, as if they were his own citizens.

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