IG II(2) 11140: Epitaph of Dialogos

The following translation was made by Amelia Devine as part of an ancient Greek course at The Lawrenceville School in 2020-2021. It was reviewed by Krateros Project Manager Aaron Hershkowitz and Krateros Project Director Angelos Chaniotis.

Here Dialogos having cleansed his limbs by the pure fire, he who had practiced wisdom, has gone among the immortals.

Here lie the bare bones of Dialogos the wise, who held both excellence and wisdom. But on the one hand, little dust having been spread out on both sides cover the bones and, on the other hand, far-reaching heaven takes his spirit from his body.

Amelia also composed a more poetic translation of the same inscription:

Here lies Dialogos,

His limbs cleansed by pure fire

he who practiced wisdom;

He enters into the deathless.

Here lies the bones of Dialogos,

The sensible one,

Master of both excellence and cleverness,

Little dust spread out

To cover small bones,

While far-reaching heaven

Collects his spirit

From his shape

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