IG II(2) 1235: Honors for Chairetios of Eleusis

The following translation was made by Emilia Onuonga as part of an ancient Greek course at The Lawrenceville School in 2019. It was reviewed by Krateros Project Manager Aaron Hershkowitz and Krateros Project Director Angelos Chaniotis.

Thrasyphon son of Hierokleidos from the deme of Xypete proposed:

whereas the hierephant Chairetios continues being well-minded

towards the clans both of the Kerykes and the Eumolpidai

and he says and he does whatever good he is able to do

on their behalf; and for those who travel away from home

to announce the truce he continues registering

the announcement with well-mindedness; and he also behaves

honorably in the office of the priesthood

presenting himself blamelessly. Thus,

in order that the clans may visibly honor those

being both good and deemed worthy of them, for good

fortune, may it be resolved by the Kerykes and the Eumolpidai

to praise the hierophant Chairetios son of Prophetes from Eleusis

and to crown him with a crown of myrtle, the one that

is ancestral to him, on account of the well-mindedness which he

continues to have towards the clans. And (be it resolved) to

proclaim publicly this crown during the Dionysia at the ancestral

contest at Eleusis in the theatre. And that the archons being appointed

from each clan at that time take charge of the public announcing

of the crown. And to write this decree on a stele of stone

and to set (it) up at Eleusis in the courtyard of the sanctuary, and

the archons of the clans should take charge of the

making of the stele and of the setting up in public.

[In the crown:]


and Eumolpidai

The hierophantes


Of Eleusis

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