IG II(2) 495: Honors for Alkaios of Ainos

The following translation was made by Jax Floyd as part of an ancient Greek course at The Lawrenceville School in 2019. It was reviewed by Krateros Project Manager Aaron Hershkowitz and Krateros Project Director Angelos Chaniotis.

1     In the archonship of Leostratos

2    in the twelfth prytany, held by the tribe Aiantis

3    for which Diophantos son of Dionysodoros from Phegous

4    was secretary; the last day of Scirophorion

5    and the thirty-first day

6    of the prytany, at the meeting of the assembly;

7    of the presiding officers, Epikrates son of Phileas

8    from Lamptrai and the co-presidents put it to the vote;

9    the people resolved; Stratokles son of Euthydemos

10   from Diomeia made the proposal. Whereas Alkaios son of Heraios

11   from Ainos, spending time in the court of the King 

12   Demetrios, continually does whatever good [thing]

13   he is able [to do], both in word and in deed

14   on behalf of the Athenians arriving both privately

15   to the King and on official business 

16   on behalf of the Athenian people,

17   with good fortune may it be resolved by the people

18   to praise him on account of the virtue and the benevolence

19   toward the Athenian people and the Kings,

20   and to crown Alkaios, son of Heraios from Ainos

21   with a gold crown in accordance with the law,

22   and he is to be Athenian,

23   as well as his offspring, and he is to enroll himself

24   in a tribeand a deme and a phratry – –

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