Note on Agora XV 91

As work continues on the Krateros Project, the comparison of squeezes in the collection of the Institute for Advanced Study with their publications – a critical step required for quality control – has revealed errors that have previously been overlooked by the scholarly community, which are being presented here in advance of eventual publication:

* The edition of Agora XV 91, a broken stele with a prytany inscription, presents incorrect information regarding the inventory numbers of the two fragments that comprise it. Frag. a is identified as Agora I 828 and frag. b as Agora I 1280, but an examination of the squeeze of Agora I 828 – I.A.S. does not possess one for Agora I 1280 – reveals that it is in fact frag. b. As is evident from Sterling Dow’s editio princeps (S. Dow, Prytaneis:  A Study of the Inscriptions Honoring the Athenian Councillors [Hesperia Suppl. 1; Athens, 1937], 54-55, No. 12 + photo), Benjamin D. Meritt and John Traill also swapped the information regarding when and where the two fragments were discovered. This conclusion is supported by archival records at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens: Agora I 828 and Agora I 1280. (As is occasionally the case in Dow, both fragments discussed here are treated as Agora I 828. It is possible that in these cases that the fragments were distinguished by separate inventory numbers, rather than fragment letters, after the publication of Dow’s work.)

To clear up any confusion, the fragments are:

Agora I 828
Hesp. Suppl. 1 No. 12 frag. B
Discovered May 20, 1933, in a late wall east of the Tholos
H. 0.125 m.; W. 0.179 m.; Th. 0.10 m.; L.H. 0.005 m.
Listed as Agora XV 91a, should be Agora XV No. 91b

Agora I 1280
Hesp. Suppl. 1 No. 12 frag. A
Discovered January 30, 1934, in the wall of a modern house above and south of the Middle Stoa
H. 0.157 m.; W. 0.23 m.; Th. 0.091 m.; L.H. 0.003-0.004 m.
Listed as Agora XV 91b, should be Agora XV No. 91a

– Gil Renberg, Project Associate

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