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Collection Deep Dive: Agora I 16b

This entry is adapted from materials previously posted on the Krateros Instagram page. As part of our series of posts on material from the Agora excavation of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, today we’re going down a virtual rabbit hole for a single fragment: Agora I 16b. If you were sitting in the … Continue reading Collection Deep Dive: Agora I 16b

IG II(2) 13212: Epitaph of Maximus

The following translation was made by George Wright as part of an ancient Greek course at The Lawrenceville School in 2020-2021. It was reviewed by Krateros Project Manager Aaron Hershkowitz and Krateros Project Director Angelos Chaniotis. I, Flavius Markianos, paid for the construction of The monument together with the stone lying upon it For my … Continue reading IG II(2) 13212: Epitaph of Maximus

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